This blog is dedicated to your growth as a Christian.

You have access to three free books right here on this blog, or linked to where you can buy them at great prices, and more!

A book with the same title as this blog, Cleared for Landing: On Living a Christian Life, is available just by toggling on the image below which will take you to the book on sale at amazon. com. Or, you can read it free on another page of this blog. Go to Chapters.

The book is is intended not to teach one how to fly and land a plane, but how to live successfully as a Christian.

Like flying (see Preface and Introduction), it takes a lot of practice. The more you practice, the better you become at anything, from doing cardiac surgery to being a good blogger! It’s no different in Christianity. There are rewards and privileges to claim once you accept Jesus Christ, but you have to practice your faith, read Scripture, claim the promises, and you will lead a full and rich life, each day getting better.

So, enjoy the book. Read a little bit each day, just as I do Scripture. Savor it, put it to work in your life.

From description by publisher.

What do you do with your money? What do you think of your boss? Do you like your work? Is it satisfying? Are you satisfied with your answers?
Do you know that God, through Scripture, offers us answers? Two of the most fundamental challenges for all humankind are deciding how to live and, if we accumulate riches, deciding how to use them.
Did you know that God expects all humankind to work? For the Christian, all work is part of your Christian calling, whether you collect garbage for a living or sit in Washington deciding affairs of state.
And what does Scripture have to say about riches? Did you know that Jesus directed more attention to the question of how to deal with wealth than just about any other subject he addressed during his three-year ministry?
Join me in this short journey as we explore work and wealth in Scripture and seek answers to the above questions and others. We travel from the first work recorded in the Bible to our own time, when leisure competes with work for our attention and wealth gives us a false sense of security that puts us in danger of replacing God with self.

Lawrence Clayton is Professor Emeritus of History, University of Alabama. His latest books include Bartolom√© de las Casas: A Biography (2012), Bartolom√© de las Casas and the Conquest of the Americas (2011), and Cleared for Landing: On Living a Christian Life (2008). He has taught in the Tuscaloosa County Jail Ministry on a weekly basis since 2000 and done missionary work, evangelizing, and preaching in Spanish in the Dominican Republic and Honduras since 2010.

From the publisher’s description online:

Larry Clayton brings a refreshing, Christian perspective to these essays that examine the human condition, sharing his thoughts on everything from the flighty and humorous to the serious and transcendent.

His musings and insights–almost of all of which were published as op-ed columns in the Sunday edition of the Tuscaloosa News in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and national newspapers like the LA TimesChristian Science MonitorWashington Times, and Miami Herald-seek to make sense of life.

In the tradition of a newspaper op-ed, the essays share profound lessons on everything from religion to history, politics, foreign affairs, education, sports, and other important topics.

While many of the writings revolve around Christian themes and history, Clayton is not afraid to tackle problems that almost everyone has faced, such as the daunting, and humorous, experience of getting through an airport checkpoint these days.

He laces his stories with wit and wisdom derived from his faith and his experiences as a teacher, writer, and even as chairman of the Department of History at the University of Alabama. He references the “port rail” that–when not on duty–he used to hold on to and dream and think a bit while serving on a ship in the Navy making its way through the waters and waves of the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Mediterranean ocean and seas.

Ric Bragg who does a National Radio Show, This Day in America, interviewed Clayton and below is a list you can toggle on to listen to the podcast.

     Below are audio links for Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podomatic, show audio, TuneIn, Player.FM, iHeart Podcast Network, Amazon Music, Audible, Deezer and Google Podcasts. 










2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Please send me the free booklet on Living The Christian Life. My address is 20225 N W 32 Avenue, Miami Gardens, Florida 33056

  2. Theresa,
    The first four chapters are listed in the column on the right and are downloadable, and no password required, so they are free. I’ll be uploading the other chapters on about a weekly basis through the summer and you can download them as well as they are posted to the blog. Or, you can navigate to the last item on the column on the right above that says BUY THE BOOK and can buy a copy of the book from several online dealers that are linked to that BUY THE BOOK link.
    So, the book is free, although only four chapters posted to date. You can wait for the remainder of the chapters to be posted or buy the book already published.
    Hope you enjoy it!
    L. Anthony Clayton

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